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The Yellow metal or Gold as it is referred to, is a great asset all over the world due to its great demand and high value. The best profitable feature of this valuable metal is that it can be converted into “Cash for Gold in Chennai” at any time and any place if so required.


The vital concern is to get it correctly valued and also to get the best rate whenever you wish to sell gold for cash in Chennai. This makes it mandatory to find a reliable and trustworthy gold dealer in Chennai.

We, possess credibility and a reputation with a legacy of over ninety years serving satisfied customers in Chennai. In fact we are among the topmost reliable buyers of gold in Chennai successfully giving cash for gold whenever required.

If you are looking for instant cash against your gold or gold ornaments, just get in touch with us by either visiting us or calling us to your place for the transaction. We do not believe in the word ‘wastage’ as there can never be any wastage or loss in the weight of gold due to it being tested by an x-ray fluorescence method.

We just charge 1% as transaction charges that is justified as we believe in giving instant cash for gold. You can visit the gold calculator page on our website to access the international gold spot rates so that a correct value can be done to your gold. The trust that our customers have on us made us the best place to sell gold jewelry for cash,

Why sell gold for cash in chennai?

We enjoys a reputation of being the pioneers in the industry giving reliable and efficient services. Although we provide free valuation of your gold, it is definitely higher if you compare with any other jeweler or financial institution who are willing to give cash for gold in Chennai.

All processes from valuation to checking for purity to weighing of your gold are done under the supervision of the customers with the help of German technology. It is only after all this is done, we will give you a price quote for your gold.

Only when the customer is totally satisfied we proceed ahead with the payment process to sell gold for cash in chennai. In case the customer is not happy with the sale procedure he/she is free to walk out even after getting the valuation done.

Our expert staff is proficient in dealing with gold and all types of precious stones and diamonds. We only require your ID proof with a proof of your identity and residence when you come to us to sell gold for cash.

Selling gold can be a risky proposition as one can hear instances of the various fraudulent practices resorted to by gold buyers. It is always advisable to visit professional like us if you are planning to sell your gold or old ornaments and get cash for gold in Chennai. Our high business values and a customer oriented approach have all helped to make us a most trusted gold dealer in Chennai and the best place to sell gold jewelry for Cash.