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Second Hand Jewellery

Our Valuable Customers, Here is a simple step of how you can sell gold jewellery. Selling gold is a instant way to make some cash fast. Many Chennaities think of jewelry and gold coins when selling scrap gold, but jewellery is another potential source of money. Selling second hand jewellery is easy with Chennai Gold. We are best second hand jewellery buyers and gold jewelry buyers, experienced in the purchase of precious things. The process for selling jewellery is easy. Visit our shop Chennai gold which is located at NSC Bose Road .We will weigh your gold to determine the value. Our gold jewellery prices are assigned by the weight and karat of the gold. The more gold jewellery you have to sell, the higher the overall payment you will get. After we have determined the value of your jewellery, we will pay you the same day with the amount of your payment after your approval.